Edit, Edit, Edit.

The title of this post is inspired by the wonderful Audrey Hepburn. I’d recently spent a delightful half an hour perusing the bookshelves of my local Waterstones (I’ve recently discovered the Art and Photography section – the shelves full of fashion and craft books were breathtakingly exciting. I don’t get out much). Amongst ‘The A-Z of Fashion’ and ‘1000 Amazing Tattoos’, I spotted a small pretty book entitled “What Would Audrey Do?” – the title referring , of course, to Miss Hepburn. I opened the book with curiosity as Audrey is something of an idol to me. I discovered chapters dedicated to her philosophies, diet, fashion, home life and even dating advice! The underlining message seemed to be “take some inspiration from Audrey and live in style and grace!”. Well, if you insist!

Whilst skimming, I came across the phrase “edit, edit, edit” in the Home chapter. Without revealing any literary secrets, I shall say it inspired me to cut down dramatically on my “stuff”. You know? The general belongings you amass in your life, most of which you aren’t quite sure what to do with!

Clothes are the worst offender for me, as my room is TINY and contains little more than a bed and a gargantuan clothes rail. Said rail is stuffed with clothes – some of which I never wear, some of which I don’t really think even suit me!  I keep them “just in case”. So, inspired by Audrey, I have started de-cluttering. I’ve already listed 5 items of clothes I never wear on eBay! That’s just the beginning – a more thorough search shall soon ensue. The book also stressed organising your things – I might invest in some organisational boxes with my eBay winnings! Because it is so much nicer to live in a tidy room, and frankly, living in a tiny room, it helps to see the floor!

Most importantly, when you eBay your “old crap” you are recycling (good the the environment!) and making money – therefore I think this post counts as one of my “Thrifty Tip” posts! To quote an old saying, “one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure”.

“What Would Audrey Do?: Timeless Lessons for Living with Grace and Style” by Pamela Keogh is definitely going on my Christmas list!


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