When Can We Get Festive?

With Halloween, Bonfire Night and Thanksgiving over we can finally turn our attention to the the grand holiday that is Christmas. In theory. In actual fact, Christmas advertising started over a month ago. When I went Halloween costume shopping, I saw tree decorations. I’m not going to whine about Christmas coming too early, I’ve seen far too many dull Facebook statuses on this subject. No, I’m going to ask when should we start the festive season?

You see, I LOVE Christmas. There’s nothing I enjoy more than the chance to decorate, to watch festive films and TV specials, to see pictures of snowmen, to shop, to eat glutinously without judgement. The message of joy and cheerfulness. Grumpy people finally smiling. For these reasons and more, it’s my favourite time of the year. I want to get as much of this festive feeling in as possible. However , I fear peaking too early and being completely unexcited by the time Christmas day rolls around. That’s why it’s important to get your timing right!

I’m writing this on November 24th. That means there’s exactly a month until Christmas Eve. In fact, it’s 30 days and 5 hours until Christmas. (According to Christmas Countdown).

With regards to timing, I guess it’s down to the discretion and plans of the individual.  If you’re one of those people who can get Christmassy with a single mince pie and a copy of It’s a Wonderful Life whilst completing your Christmas shopping on a single manic Amazon spree, then you really don’t need to turn your mind to Christmas until the last minute (allowing for delivery times of course).

However, if you plan on watching your Top 10 Christmas films (you have a list of them), painstakingly shopping for the perfect gifts for your family, your friends and maybe even your cat, indulging in visits to Santa, frosty parks, ice skating rinks, Christmas markets, parties and a torrent of Christmas themed baking…well, you might need to start a little earlier*

*This does not at all reflect my life or views of Christmas. I lied. It does.

With this in mind, perhaps I can now watch The Santa Clause and bake star shaped cookies without feeling guilty. 30 days of Christmas fun- starting now!


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