Cards For Everyone!

In the wake of Christmas, I elected to make my own cards this year. Partly so I could send them to friends from University who now live 100s of miles away – it’s a nice personal gesture to show I still love ’em! I would put this as one of my “thrifting tips” but these are definitely not cheaper than store bought cards!

It actually began with creating a Birthday card for my dearest friend Ellie…
“Squirrels” and “Purple” were her suggestions I believe. This is what ensued:

Little did I know it would spark a new card making obsession! Yesterday I finished another card for a friend’s birthday. I’m pretty confident she won’t see it her before I get the chance to give it to her tomorrow – so don’t consider this a “spoiler”.

To explain, this particular friend has a remarkable fondness for “cuppycakes” – when I’m stuck for a gift idea, the cupcake is my go-to theme!

And my biggest card undertaking yet…. last night I completed the home-made Christmas card debacle by writing, enveloping and addressing them all! Hideously early I know, but they’d become rather in the way! This has been my biggest undertaking yet. So pleased it went successfully!

I had two different designs – the baubles and the wreath. Rough pictures of each are shown below!


 Each design was complete in different patterns of card and ribbon colours- the combinations make sure each card is unique and special!

So those are my recent creative excursions. What do you think?


I'd love to hear your opinion!

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