Crazy Cat Lady Confessional

I’ve been writing this for a couple of weeks now and I’ve suddenly realised I haven’t mentioned Evie yet!

Evie is my 7 month old kitten.


She’s a pretty big talking point because she’s cute, adorable and hilarious. The main points are as follows:

  • She eats marmite, mayonnaise, toast… anything. She steals it from my plate when I’m not looking.
  • When I go for a walk, she waits at the end of my road for me to come back. That’s when she isn’t insisting on walking with me.
  • She considers us inseparable best buds. If I’m doing my make-up in the bathroom mirror, she is waiting in the bath. Fact.


  • Evie sometimes sits on my shoulder when she has nothing better to do. She also favours the ironing board and plastic bags.
  • She poses as Usain Bolt.


  • She has no qualms about waking me up when she’s feels I’ve overdone the lie in.
  • She insists on being part of everything; she even “helped” make the Christmas cards. Oh, sorry those the two of you who will receive a card with a pawprint on it…

I think this will be one of those posts where I keep updating it, she’s constantly finding crazy and amusing new habits to form!

Does using my art, fashion and lifestyle blog as a homage to my cat make me a crazy cat lady? Quite possibly.


3 thoughts on “Crazy Cat Lady Confessional

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