Don’t Pigeon Hole Your Wardrobe

Occasionally I am a little prone Verruca Salt Syndrome when it comes to clothes. Whether it’s something I’ve seen in a picture, in a shop or on somebody in the street, I have an overwhelming notion of “I want!”. My taste can really vary for my fashion-wants; from the 60s throwbacks in collars, beehives and brogues to 90s grunge in cut-offs and a beanie. Although I do cultivate a sort of cutesy image between the ribbons and frilly socks, I hate to be pigeon holed when it comes to my wardrobe! You will also see me in jeans, boots, leather and cereal stained pyjamas (except there will never be an outfit post of the latter) – I’m definitely not always cute.

I wanted to share a few of my different clothes lusts with you all, just to prove it goes beyond frilliness and peter pan collars!



Do you find you long for a wild array of fashion? Or are you more particular in your sense of style?

I'd love to hear your opinion!

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