It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas; The Festivities List.

Tomorrow marks an exciting occasion.

Folks, it’s nearly here. The first of December; the day when we can officially start celebrating Christmas without judgement or guilt. The day we can start eating our advent calenders!

I’m marking the start of festivities, very happily, at the Winchester Christmas Fayre. I’m very excited! Tomorrow I shall be uploading my favourite pictures into a very jolly post!

Back in July (honestly) I started thinking about what I wanted to do in December. I’m not exactly proud to add that I also made a list of Christmas activities. My list taking banality knows no bounds.

But it’s finally come in useful, so here goes a list of “What To Do during December”:

1. Festive Baking – make gingerbread houses, themed cookies… see Pinterest for inspiration, there are innumerable things!
2. Visit Christmas Fayres – from little church halls to huge markets, there are a wealth of places to make you feel festive. Note; if there are sheds and mulled wine, you’re onto a winner.
3. Watch all the Christmas films! Not literally all of them, most of them are pretty bad… But Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, Love Actually, The Holiday, The Santa Clause… all good.
4. Go Christmas shopping and make a day with it. Go with family or close friends and go crazy! I’d recommend a city with a shopping centre, high street and market of some sort. All avenues will be taken care of!
5. Classic Winter Activities: ice skating, walking around frosty parks, sitting in Starbucks with a hot chocolate… lovely.
photo (1)(Today’s hot chocolate…)

6. Make a Christmas Playlist – use it whilst decorating the tree, wrapping presents… I may have already made mine – will post it soon!
7. Make a present list for everyone you love! Spend a couple of weeks thinking about great gifts for your friends and family that they’ll love.
8. Decorate. Big time!
photo(I bought my family a giant advert calender each with their names iced on!)

9. Food, food, food: Roast dinners, gammon joints and a personal favourite; the leftovers sandwich. Does anyone else make sandwiches with the leftover chicken from Christmas lunch? I love them! We can’t forget the sweet treats too!

What makes Christmas for you? Post below!

P.S. This may be the most inappropriate Christmas song ever but it made me laugh!

5 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas; The Festivities List.

  1. I love Christmas food! Cookies, treats, homemade baked gifts, etc. We also love Christmas movies and music. The Christmas radio/music has been playing at our house since Thanksgiving.

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