Daisy Does Jewellery

A couple of weeks ago I discovered Daisy Does, an amazing online jewellery site which specialises in charm bracelets. The bracelets themselves are lovely, but the thing that really made Daisy Does stand out to me was her “commissions” section. I immediately contacted her via twitter and asked if she’d be interested in making something to commemorate this blog. Design wise, I asked for feathers (the main design feature of this blog!), birds, peace signs and love hearts. These were the symbols that, to me, really represent the whole feeling of my blog.

Daisy loved the idea and was kind enough to send me pictures of the charms she would use. A mere week later I was sent the finished product. I loved it and couldn’t wait to wear it!

Now, here it is!


It’s even better than I imagined and I cannot thank Daisy enough for her meticulous hard work. She’s a creative genius!


Today I wore it at work and was happy to be wearing something so beautiful and unique.

Custom made jewellery is genuinely one of the best ideas I’ve come across and I really hope this isn’t my last collaboration with Daisy! (If you’re struggling for a gift for a loved one I cannot recommend checking out her website enough!)


Oh, and this is an Instagram photo I’ve just uploaded – now my arm candy can be admired on a mass scale! Get ready to see this bracelet appear in all my outfit posts- I don’t want to take it off!

charmI could not be happier with this product – thank you so much Daisy!!


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