I achieved my outfit bingo – red lipstick, over the knee socks and a black fedora hat!

Unfortunately, the only over the knee socks I had came to just over my knee – not false advertising as such, but nonetheless annoying for the following reasons;
1. Less flesh covered – more COLD. Pretty obvious one but not pleasant.
2. Socks slip. That’s okay. But when they slip from just above the knee to under you look like a gigantic school child.

Conclusion: over the knee socks should made and branded as “mid thigh” socks. That’s all I’m sayin’.

I’m feeling a little more Christmas-y tonight because I’ve been Christmas shopping! I only bought one thing though – oops. I also wrapped presents (for various Aunts and Uncles) and put them under the tree. The dining room table is decorated with festive cheer (and advent calendars!)


tableblogFinally, I got my hair cut! (I apologise for the awkward head tilt pose – not sure what was happening there!) As you can see, the fringe is a lot neater than it looks in the hat picture on the right (which is there to prove I DID wear a hat and lipstick today!)



Oh and before I go I have some bargains to share with you!

I found some amazing low heel boots in New Look, complete with glitter adorned sides. I can’t describe how much I love them.  But I will say this – I loved the 50% off sign even more. My boots cost £12.50. Cue smug face. I’ve worn them every single day for the last two weeks. Even during my shifts at work and they are perfectly comfy! 10/10. I have a bad feeling they’ll be sold out now, but if you see any in black and in a size 6, send them my way please!!


On Wednesday I returned to New Look, looking for a cheap way to happiness. I hovered at the accessory stand before selecting a £2.99 navy polka dot hairband with a bow. The sort I’d wanted for months. Upon arriving at the till I discovered accessories were 2-for-1. So I got a black and gold version too. I haven’t been spending money recently as I’m desperately poor, but two hairband for £2.99 seems infallibly reasonable to me. Sorry about my crazy eyes – it’s nearly midnight and I’m very tired.


Luckily, this blog is called THRIFTING Through Life and it all fits it with my current theme of being cheap and cheerful. Thumbs Up!

Comment below if you’ve found any great bargains recently!


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