Some Advice from Jameela Jamil.

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to speak directly (via facebook) to Jameela Jamil in a Q&A on the Very site. 

Being the politically minded intellectual I am, I decided to ask the most groundbreaking philosophical question I could think of.

I believe it may have been “Hi Jameela! How do you get your hair looking so great?” or words to that effect.

I wasn’t being a massive botty kisser – Jameela has fantastic dark thick hair with the kind of thick perfectly controlled bangs I lust after. Sadly my hair is about half the volume of Jameela’s! 


I actually got a pretty interesting answer – “the secret to the hair is DON’T style it. I RARELY touch it. Plus I eat lots of salmon and green veggies which I SWEAR by. But never underestimate the damage of even a hairdryer!” 

This really surprised me, since we live in a culture of hair dye, extensions, curlers, straighteners, blow drying and god knows what else. To hear an actual celebrity who is constantly photographed say they do NOTHING is amazing. 

It’s obvious that Jameela is naturally very lucky with her hair, but maybe we could take a leaf or two from her book. Maybe, other than her genetics, she is lucky due to her healthy lifestyle? Maybe I’ll try out the advised salmon and veg! Unfortunately I use a hairdryer every day – NOT using it would certainly result in hair icicles in these temperatures… 

In a related topic – I’m getting my fringe trimmed tomorrow! I always try and get it cut in a slightly different style each time – just for fun. I’m looking forward to being able to see properly without side-sweeping it! Do any of you guys have a blunt fringe/bangs? I find when I’m at work I run my hand through my hair and I can never get them back to looking good! I definitely need some tips here,

The real question is; will I come home with a Zooey, Jameela or Keira fringe? Will it be something completely different? We’ll see tomorrow!


I have decided on the following though; as it’s my day off and I can wear whatever I want, I shall aim to wear all of the following (consider this a sort of “Outfit Bingo”):

  • A hair accessory; like a hat or a headband. Nothing too subtle!
  • Over the knee socks. I haven’t worn mine in forever. It is time. (Really hoping it won’t be too cold!)
  • A bold lipstick, like a red. 

An outfit post is very much due and now I have the perfect excuse!

Goodnight Blogees! 


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