D.I.Y Christmas Presents.

A short time ago, making presents meant you were broke and trying to cheap out. Nowadays it’s perfectly acceptable to craft D.I.Y gifts and as part of the whole “creativity” revolution, you are praised as a creative genius.  Sometimes it’s still a form of cheapness – but other times hand-making things incurs more cost than buying them! I tell you this from my Christmas card making experience; it’s all dependent on whether or not you already own the materials! Whatever the reason, there’s nearly always a lovely sentimental reason behind homemade gifts and they will be treasured by the recipient!

Regardless of whether December has left you broke, or whether you’re desperate to make some great presents yourself, here are 5 fun DIY gift ideas!

Plush Fox



This is a fantastic and quirky gift for animal loving friends and family. I found this cute DIY tutorial on A Beautiful Mess, which is a fantastic site I recommend checking out! Once you’ve got the hang of how to put everything together there’s no need to limit yourself to foxes, make your friends favourite animals! I love the customisability of these unique creatures!

The Love Cards



Incredibly easy provided you think of 52 things you love about someone! A slight tweak and can go from a great Valentines gift to a friend’s birthday present. I think the slightly battered case and cards adds to the effect. I found this beauty on Do It Yourself In Your Dorm.

Sweater Teddy


Got a favourite old sweater that could really use recycling? This is the solution. Found on DIY Projects, this is a very cute present! The customising options are endless, which makes it perfect for a friend or family member! All you need is fabric and a design to start off with!

Shrink Film Jewellery


After viewing a tutorial here at The 36th Avenue, I felt compelled to include shrink film necklaces on my list.  Once you’ve purchased the shrink film (available at most craft stores) all you have to do is create a design and bake! This is perfect for those who can draw cute simple designs that friends and family will love! How amazing is that Edward Scissorhands charm (bottom right)? Talented artists could even create caricatures of friends to shrink film!

Earring Book


I am constantly losing earrings and could really use something like this! I found this picture on Pinterest and traced the original back to something you can buy on Not on the High Street. No need to shell out the money though, I think this is something easily enough made at home – with a steady supply of felt and something to make the earring holes with!

Happy Thrifting! Any excuse, eh?


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