Three Christmases

Due to the nature of separated parents and extended family, I am lucky (yes, lucky) enough to get Three Christmases this year.

I have been determined to write this post tonight, even though I am not entirely conscious. In fact, due to travelling between dad’s, mum’s and my grandparents’, whilst working 5-6 hour shifts, I am knackered!

But on with blogging. No moaning!

I was lucky enough to receive some very lovely presents. Notably; 4 Audrey Hepburn products, lots of chocolate, vintage items and arts and crafts materials!

So, in true Blogger style, here’s a torrent of pictures! (Not the quality I’d wish for, still saving for a DSLR – these are from my iPhone and my Fujifilm bridge camera – but as a wise friend told me; blogs are all about progression).







Now, I didn’t want to document all of my gifts and presents, but these are a few significant ones! I got a ridiculous amount of chocolate (my favourite) and I will surely be as fat as a pig by New Year, but I think the personalised 1kg Cadbury’s bar is pretty excellent! It even has my picture on the front!

Similarly, I got quite a lot of art supplies, but I really love this sewing box my Nan put together for me – especially the vintage covering it comes in! As you can see, Evie the kitten was pretty fascinated by it. I also got some lovely ink pens in 4 different styles – they’re beautiful (more on them later!).

Finally, I love the Audrey related presents. Especially the book by Pamela Keogh I mentioned in a previous post! “What Would Audrey Do?” Probably not blog, as she hated talking about herself, but I think to think she’d approve of this one. It looks like a great read so far.

I’m incredibly tired so I’ll cut this post short – but before I go I’d also like to mention the super cool Beatles guitar picks my friend Ellie got for me! Pictures will surface when my phone has a better battery life than 1%!

Goodnight everyone, hope you all had a great Christmas!

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