Louise Ebel

As a Lookbook fan, I’ve been aware of “Louise E” for some time. I’d “hyped” several of her looks and loved her varied style. Not many people can go from 1920s flapper to 1950s rockabilly to 1960s hippy chic as skillfully as this fashionista. 

I’ve been looking through some of her looks recently and realised a compilation of some of my favourites would make a pretty lovely looking post! 



(See more of these images here, or check out her website!)

Louise Ebel is definitely one of my favourite Bloggers, her wardrobe must be a huge and packed to the brim with beautiful vintage pieces. I think I’m justifiably envious!

I’m constantly on the look out for new looks, so if you see anything eye catching do feel free to link me up in the comments section! 

In other news, I’m very definitely thinking about ombré-ing my hair! I’m aiming to do it in the next couple of days and will, of course, be blogging on it once it’s done! 

Enjoy your weekend!


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