Happy New Year!

Lots of things to share with you all today.

First off, I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year. Whether you’ve had a fantastic 2012 or a lame one, 2013 can be the very best year yet.

For me, 2012 was the year of graduating, the London Olympics, getting a job (albeit temporary), and doing my photography course. It was also a bit dull, and I made some major life changes. Now that the awkward life changing bit is over, I can use 2013 to work hard and get results. Watch this space.

On a changing note, I have changed my hair! I went “ombre” – for those of you looking blank, ombre is the process of lightening the ends of your hair (I say ends, it’s probably about half to 2/3 lightened!). A mere 24 hours later my sister decided she wanted ombre hair too – so I’ve spent a lot of time inhaling lovely fumes.


Part of me wishes it had come out lighter, but more than anything I am thankful the dying process went seamlessly. I don’t have straw hair, I don’t have orange hair, none of it snapped off and I didn’t dye it unevenly. What more could I ask? I might lighten it in a few weeks, but I quite like the way it is now. So, if you’re considering ombre, I would definitely recommend L’Oreal  Preference Wild Ombre. This is the one I used. My sister used the lighter shade.

I’d also like to share this, whilst we’re on the New Years topic.

I love this duo. Now I want to watch (500) Days of Summer again!

This also made me a laugh a lot:

Now go and share this with all your wank friends“.


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