General Catching Up.

Feeling a bit guilt-ridden from my lack of blogging, I thought I’d do a little catching up post.

My contract at work ended last Saturday so I’ve enjoyed 7 days of freedom (trying to ignore the inevitable panic about finding more work). I managed to dig out my Fujifilm bridge camera in that time and took it for an inspired yet unplanned trip to the beach. At 10pm. In the rain.

This was the result:


Which, given the conditions, I think was pretty cool! The flash from the camera, the rain and the wind worked together to create this weird shooting star effect! This was accidental on my behalf, but I loved it.

F.Y.I: These are not weather conditions befitting a bowler hat. I learnt that the hard way.

This week I also bought and watched Funny Face, a 1957 Audrey Hepburn movie. I really loved it – especially the first half because of the super cool intro, the fashion magazine style shoot, Audrey’s “transformation” (ridiculous concept – she’d look gorgeous wearing a clown wig and big bag dress) and her dance scene.

Which, as if you needed further encouragement to watch the movie, I am posting here:

The fact that it’s currently £3 in HMV is also a pretty good advertisement! I wasn’t a massive fan of Fred Astaire in the movie, but I really don’t know enough about who was Hot in Hollywood in the mid-50s to tell you who I’d have cast!

I also got my fringe cut again. This time it’s a bit shorter and impossibly straight. It’s something of a geometric art form. I was quite impressed really. Speaking of which, I managed to give myself a Brigitte Bardot style bouffant on Monday (pre-haircut)! It was surprisingly easy but deflated fairly quickly! How did they do it without suffering some sort of hairspray/suffocation scenario?


It’s polite to ignore the fact I look like an owl in the one on the left.

And the best news of all: I’m going to London on Tuesday!!

I want to check out the Hollywood costume exhibit at the V&A (here’s hoping I can get tickets). The most exciting thing is the addition of Audrey’s black dress in Breakfast at Tiffanys. If I can see this I will be incredibly happy!

Obviously, there’s lots of other things to do there as well – currently narrowing down the list! Camden? Covent Garden? Oxford Street? An art gallery, but which one? But these, my friends, are the fun sort of choices to make! I will, of course, be bringing my camera. So, stand by for the pictures!

Those are a few of the highlights of my week! Hope you all had fantastic weeks too! =]

So far, I’m liking 2013!

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