My Trip to London!

Yesterday was a fantastic day – a day trip to London! I could write forever about this – and God knows I made enough mental drafts of this when I was there.

The Highlights:

  • Going to the V&A and seeing the Hollywood Costume Exhibit. My eyes were on stalks the entire time; I was half girl, half-meerkat. I couldn’t believe it when I looked at my watch (okay, my phone) and realised two hours had passed whilst I’d been in their. I couldn’t believe the clothes in front of me had once been worn by real people who I knew, looked up to and admired. My icons.  These were the costumes I’d seen on the big screen! In that respect I was really blown away by Heath Ledger’s Brokeback Mountain costume – I mean, it’s like his living legacy right there in front of me! Similarly, seeing a 1920’s Charlie Chaplin costume (the ones with the baggy ripped trousers!) was pretty astounding. I could have cried when I stopped in front of Audrey Hepburn’s black dress from Breakfast at Tiffanys. Never in my life did I think I’d see that. I was astounded. She wore this. Actual Audrey was in this dress; this dress I’ve seen, drooled over and wished I was wearing so many times!  Yeah, okay, I had a weird fan girl moment.
  • I was pretty overjoyed to see Austin Powers’ “shagadelic” blue velvet suit and learnt it was, in part, inspired by George Harrison! The Legally Blonde 2 Jackie O style suit, Dorothy’s iconic gingham dress and red slippers were also highlights. Jack Sparrow’s pirate suit and Indiana Jones complete with his whip? Icons! Oh, and just above a ledge I glimpsed Michelle Pfeiffer’s sexy deconstructed catwoman suit. This was a once in a lifetime experience for sure.
  • In between running around the V&A, I took a walk through Kensington – en route to visit Harrods! I love how many security guards are about in London. I can’t help but throwing giant grins their way. I was made for a cheesy montage.
  • I also visited Camden. In all it’s forms; the market, the Stables, the High Street. I love a bargain (er… I mean “thrifting”) and discovered an inner penchant for haggling (only in the markets though!). I walked away with a £10 t-shirt, a locket with a watch and a London themed canvas tote bag! All for about £16. Happy days!
  • On the way back to Waterloo I popped into the Leicsester Square Burger King (I know what you’re thinking – too much detail and no one cares). Maybe you cool city folk are all over what I’m going to say, but to my Dorset eyes, this was an amazing feat of engineering. When I went to dispense my drink there was not, as I am used to, 5 dispensers labelled “coke, diet coke, sprite..” etc. No. One nozzle. One touchscreen. Intriguing! When I selected coke from the many options, I was met with a subset of even MORE choices! Cherry coke, vanilla coke… (I forgot the others but there were several). Cherry coke?? In a coke dispenser!? My day was officially made.


Oh and finally – “What I Wore” – the downside being it was so freakin’ cold you can’t actually see!


Burgundy swing coat | Dorothy Perkins
Glitter Chelsea Boots | New Look
Grey Tights | New Look
Tortoiseshell Wayfarers | River Island
Snood | New Look

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