Felder Felder – My SS13 Love.

With the best part of Winter over, what better way to cheer us up than to look to Spring? Parks and ice cream, seaside walks, florals and great scenery – there’s a lot to look forward to!

Without further adieu, I want to introduce Felder Felder to my blog. Their SS13 line is one of the most exciting collections this season! Felder Felder, in case you didn’t know, are identical twins. This in itself represents every young girls’ dream – twin fashion designers? I know that was definitely my ultimate fantasy!

I love this collection because of it’s fantastic wearability. Most catwalk pieces can seem rather out of place on the average high street, but these could definitely be worn without incurring odd glances.

felderInterestingly, what appears to be leopard print is in fact a print of butterfly wings. Felder Felder cited “fun in imperfection” and “broken wings can take you anywhere” as their inspiration for this collection, studying butterfly wings to create this elegant yet playful design. These pieces could easily take you from beach life to nightlife – the adaptability is a big advantage. felder2 This collection is more refined when compared to their last collection, with new shapes and a cleaner colour palette, giving a sophisticated yet youthful vibe. The sheer fabric contributes to this by creating breezy movement enhanced by the silhouette hugging shapes. felder3

The darker, more sophisticated prints are perfect for nightlife, with sheer fabrics adding to the dynamism of the graphic gunmetal.

In short, Felder Felder create a versatile, fun, dynamic and wearable collection. Perfect for the fashionable jet setter!

What do you think of the collection? Who are your favourite designers for SS13?



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