Expulsion of Excitement!

I’ve had a very exciting weekend, in a “sorry bank account, I have failed you” sort of way! (I would deem this irresponsible, if it wasn’t for the fact that my own mother was goading me on – Mum, I hope you’re reading this and feeling suitably satisfied and/or guilty!)

As you might have gathered, I’ve been spending. I will outline the purchases below:

1. Oh My Love – I saw a fantastic black velvet dress on here. It reminded me a lot Mary Quant/Alexa Chung in a picture I posted here. Unfortunately it was £39 and not in my size. A mere 24 hours later, I checked again and it was reduced £25 and suddenly my size was in stock!  Encouraged by what was clearly an act of fate, I snapped it up immediately and threw in a peach sequin skirt for good measure. I’m sure fate’d like that.

2. E.L.F (Eyes, Lips, Face) – My friend told me she was looking for good make up brushes, so I immediately recommended E.L.F. Somehow, I found myself on the site and shopping for brushes too. I found a 5 piece bamboo brush set for a mere £12.50 (on sale), whilst also discovering what appears to be the perfect pink-nude lipstick, some shimmer highlighter (Lisa Eldridge has made me see this as a necessity) and, get this, a 100 piece pallette of eyeshadow for a mere £7.50. I love E.L.F.

3. Tickets.
a) Miles Kane is one of my very favourite current artists (second to the Arctic Monkeys and The Last Shadow Puppets – the latter of which he is a member of!) and I was overjoyed to see he is performing in Bournemouth next month as part of the NME Awards Tour. I bought tickets for me and my friend as part of a Birthday present for him! I’m so excited. That’s something incredibly satisfying about seeing an artist you love. It’s a rare occurrence for me.
b) On the same note – I also found out a while back that Paloma Faith is performing in Bournemouth in June. She is probably my favourite female singer at the moment. She’s more than a great voice – I expect this to be an amazing show, complete with crazy and beautiful costumes. I knew my little sister likes Paloma, so I bought her a ticket to accompany me. It will be her first ever concert. I feel like this is actually a great favour I’m doing her as she’ll be asked “what was your fist concert?” for the rest of her life. “I saw Paloma Faith when I was 12” is certainly an above average answer.


This might seem a bit of a strange list to post – but I have reason. 2013 is going to be my “Good Year” (in contrast to a hideously dull 2012) and as such, I am a) filling up my calendar and b) having the best time I possibly can. Who knows when I’d get an opportunity to see these artists perform again? I’m not letting chances slip through my fingers. If I could just see the Arctic Monkeys perform and get a proper job in writing, which pays and I enjoy, 2013 would be the perfect year. It’s already looking very promising and it’s only January!

P.S. If you’re not too familiar with the above artists, give these videos a look!

Who would you really like to see this year?


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