What To Wear in the Snow!

A quick trip to the shops esculated into a run through a blizzard just now (I may be slightly exaggerating). I genuinely thought it was raining when I stepped outside. I was wrong. Suddenly the snow started falling fast and large! (A quick look at my clothes will reveal the Oreo sized snowflakes that were pelting me).

In all, I’m pretty glad my clothes were snow worthy. Below I’ve given you a chronological look at my quick walk. Let me tell you, my hat was significantly heavier by the end of the trip.


Floppy hat | H&M, Berry coat | Dorothy Perkins, White tights | ASOS, Chelsea Boots | New Look, Tote Bag | Thrifted. 

I love the hat. It kept 100% of the snow out of my face. I can’t ask for more.
The thick white tights? Warm. Bonus: I am camouflage in the snow. Normally a little difficult to pull off, but I feel like “everything goes” when it snows.
Heeled Chelsea Boots? It keeps your feet out of the snow!
The coat? Yes it completely obscures my gorgeous new dress. But it’s amazing warm and it matches my hat. That’s all I care about!(As a “What I Wore Post” I think a bigger picture is needed!)

Is it snowing where you are?

Don’t forget the gloves and scarves!


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