E.L.F Haul!

On Saturday morning there came a knock on my bedroom door and in came a large cardboard box. Exciting. Inside it contained a large haul of E.L.F goodies!

elfs1 elfs2


I’ve purchased the following items:

1. Mineral 5 piece Bamboo Brush Set – the essentials (although there isn’t a lip brush but luckily I have a pretty good retractable one anyway). Slightly pricier than the other sets perhaps, but very eco-friendly, even coming in a handy hemp bag! So far, it’s been beyond useful – £12.50
2. 100 piece Eyeshadow Palette – try and get your head around this – 100 colours. Sounds indulgent, I know, but the colours are blendable for a great smokey eye effect and 90% of the colours can be worn everyday. There’s a section in the middle with brights and pastels and I’m sure one day they will be useful (albeit for fancy dress). All the greys and browns have been great for my attempts to recreate Audrey Hpeburn’s great eye makeup. 100 colours, £7.50. Ridiculously good value, especially considering just one eyeshadow colour can cost more than that!
3. Mineral Lipstick in Runway Pink. I was looking for a very natural nude-pink colour and this seemed perfect. Now that the lipstick is here in front of me, it might be slightly less pink than I’d have wanted but still a great nude shade! Given the subject of my latest writing, I was enchanted with the colour name. £5. They do cheaper lipstick but this one is lovely and moisturising. Great for the winter months!
4. Radiance Enhancer in Spotlight. It even works on my snow-white skin! This highlighter is lovely, adding a lovely glow around my eyes. A purchase inspired by my endless watching of Lisa Eldridge videos. £3.75. Can’t argue with that.

This is one of my best hauls, by far! Essentially a complete set of professional level make-up for £28.75!

If this has made any of you tempted to check ELF out…good timing – they’ve just put up 48% off for 48 hours. Typical.

What are your essentially beauty purchases?

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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