New Threads, New Reads.

Finally! I’ve been meaning to post pictures of this dress for nearly a week now!
Here I’m wearing a black velvet dress from Oh My Love and Oh My, I love it. Really simple, chic and fun. I love the lace collar and cuff details – it reminds me of the minidress from this post!

Apologies for overuse of the ‘bent knee’ pose… Oh and if you’re wondering why I chose that cramped spot for photo taking let me tell you – that is my entire room and that is the only “standing space”. So next time you think you’re room is too small, have a mental flashback to this and feel much better…

Keeping with the simplicity theme, I have accessorised with shoe boots (New Look), a bowler hat (H&M) and a little locket-watch I got at Camden Market a couple of weeks ago (see here). The dress isn’t as short as it looks. I blame my knees. I wore this outfit into town today to get my fringe trimmed and do some crucial pay day spending and got some nice comments about the dress!

In other good news: today all of the books I ordered arrived too! Last weekend I had a sudden urge for an Amazon Spree and bought three books to keep me amused; Vanity Fair, Alice Through the Looking Glass and The Picture of Dorian Gray. Vanity Fair is thick, it’s gonna be keeping me occupied for quite some time.


Oh, I also bought an ear cuff today, I’ve fancied getting one for a while and saw one on my travels today. As it’s pay day I thought ‘why not?’.

What do you think of the Oh My Love dress, ear cuffs and my literary choices? Comments below! =]


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