All-Aboard For Steampunk!

I’ve mentioned before that I’m guest-blogging for The Glass Pineapple (check it out guys!) which is something I really enjoy and I’m so pleased they keep allowing me to write for them. I think I have some exciting TGP related adventures coming up – I’ll tell you all about it soon! This is my latest guest-post for them, enjoy:

Steampunk is one of the more unusual trends forecast to hit the runway this season. Did you ever imagine you’d be wearing a century old literary genre? No us neither.

Inspired by fantasy authors such as H.G Wells and Jules Verne, what Steampunk brings to the AW13 table is a mad mix of Victoriana and Sci-fi influence. This form of “retro-futurism” may seem an unlikely hit, but insiders predict it will be a huge trend, having slowly inched onto the radar during the last few years. Want to know what youโ€™re going to be wearing next season? Take a look at these:


Whilst the trend is forecast to hit in the AW13 collections at fashion week next week, some designers are ahead of the game. Anna Sui’s SS13 collection, for example, delivered more than a dose of Steampunk. The line featured a strong gothic vibe with its use of dark colours and lace, juxtaposed with futuristic elements such as cat-ear hats and technicolour hair:

steampunk2(Image courtesy of

Although most designers have kept their AW13 line under wraps, Vivienne Westwood premiered her AW13 designs at Milan Men’s Fashion Week. If her men’s collection is anything to go by then Steampunk will be making a notable, fresh and exciting appearance this season.


(Image courtesy of

So, if Steampunk predictions are correct, what we’re expecting to see on the AW13 runways is various combinations of petticoats, black crochet, chiffon, cogs, metal detailing, pocket watches, jacquard, top hats, aviator style goggles, velvet, corsets, trench coats and pinstripes. Possibly a rash of veils and maybe even a smattering of ball masks.

Is it just us or is Steampunk bingo starting to sound like a fun game for London Fashion Week?

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