When “Popping Into Town” Goes Wrong.

Today I needed two things for my thrifty lifestyle; the final touch to a present I was making my best friend for Valentines Day (I’ll explain that one later…) and some “ingredients” for a Birthday card – you can never have enough sparkly card at your disposal.

However, the first shop I saw was HMV. HMV is closing down. HMV is having a sale. Really, it’s only logical to visit. Amongst the endless Woody Harrelson and Kate Winslet DVDs (these two guys seemed to crop up a lot…) I found a favourite childhood movie, a great movie I saw at the cinema a few months ago and some ear buds for £5 – I much prefer my big pink headphones but they aren’t always practical.

IMG_0051 (2)

Thus far I had been pretty thrifty. Then I decided to grab a drink and snack. I think this is where I went wrong. Mosying around the shops with a paper bag of pastry and a drink made me feel like a low budget alternative of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffanys. Think “Greggs Adjascent M&S”. It’s really only this to which I can attribute the “haul” which ensued.

It was about this time that I meandered into New Look. Previously I’d seen a red polka-dot blouse. I’d thought about buying it. I hadn’t. I decided I’d look and re-evaluate. To my horror I couldn’t find it. It was a classic “want what you can’t have” situation and by the time I’d found the one unit left in the store and it was my size, I felt it was simply fate.

IMG_0072 (2)

It was then, inspired by my previous bargains and good luck, I decided to visit Primani (or Primark as lesser mortals might call it). It was here I saw a leather backpack. Well, not a leather backpack – the problem is there were two. Black and brown. The age old issue when it comes to shoes, bags and accessories. Thing is; I live in black ankle boots. It would make sense to buy the black bag! However, the brown one looks just like Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s book bag and brown tends to be better in summer. Which it will be, one day. Even though it’s Britain. So, I bought both. But before you label me frivolous, I walked around Primani for a horrendously long time with one on each shoulder trying choose.  I even asked unsuspecting members of the public (sorry Cathy and boyfriend!). In the end, both seemed the only feasible option.


IMG_0062 (2)

Still not awful…  Until I went to River Island. See it’s the one place in Poole that I know stocks dungarees. And I want dungarees (as I demonstrated in a previous post). As soon as I saw they were still in stock I was on it. Now that I’ve photographed them the hips look pretty wide – for a size 10 at least There’s a lesson about trying things on first, but hopefully they’ll fit!

IMG_0070 (2)

Well, I’ll be wearing this ensemble tomorrow…

IMG_0071 (2)

I’ll try to remember to do a “What I Was Wearing” post….

So this has been my haul; and FYI I did remember to buy card to make my Grandad’s birthday card! Evie, the keeper of the purse, was not very impressed with my spending when I told her:

IMG_0068 (2)


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