New York Fashion Week: The Excited Person’s Perspective.

I know what you’re thinking, this is a fashion blog, of course I’m going to be excited about New York Fashion Week. But reading about all the celebrity front row-ers and gossip is deadly dull and I just want to talk about clothes. In my egocentric excitement, I’m genuinely thrilled about the trends the catwalk has created – and what we’ll all be bombarded with in store by September 2013 (Great news guys, we don’t have to change our wardrobes that much!). So, without further ado, I present to you: the Thrifting Through Life guide to NY Fashion Week.



3.1 Phillip Lim | J Crew | Rodarte | MM6

It’s a form of cruelty not to layer in the winter, so a sigh of relief was exhaled when I noticed this as a big trend. Aside from the many many over sized coats layered over jackets and jumpers (those models must have been hot!), I noticed little details such as protruding shirt collars and tails. This is a trend I am very happy to rock. I’m already planning to buy a host of cute shirts to layer!

The Beanie


BCBG Max Azria | BCBG Max Azria| DKNY | Victoria by Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham more or less championed the over sized beanie trend, which is a bizarre concept- not so much Posh Spice as Rasta Spice? As you can see, the bigger the better when it comes to the beanie. Thank God we have the weather for this here in Blighty. I don’t think I’ll be taking it to quite the level Victoria does though!

“Madder Carmine”


Alice + Olivia | Belstaff | Belstaff | Rachel Zoe

Madder Carmine is what we lesser mortals would call burgundy or oxblood. Call it what you want, it’s going to continue being a huge trend and was a go-to colour, along with mustard and navy. This is good news for me; apparently my wardrobe consists of just burgundy and navy. I’m in love with the Alice + Olivia collection, so I’ll leave a link to more pictures here.

1960s Psychedelia


Anna Sui | Anna Sui | Marc Jacobs | Oscar de la Renta

Anna Sui pioneered the groovy graphics trend, with paisley prints and eye-spinning swirls. I really liked the Marc Jacobs classic shape – I can see this being a high street staple (which is great as this is a flattering shape!). I’m pleased to see the mini dress is still going strong and as you might imagine, I’m pleased to be seeing more of my favourite decade!

1970s Glam


Marc Jacobs | Marc Jacobs | Rodarte | Vera Wang

I fell head over heels for this Marc Jacobs collection. From the vivid colours to the huge perms the models sported, there was an air of fun and playfulness yet chic sophistication that I found irresistible! These may not be staple pieces for A/W but they are definitely some of the most exciting! I love the flowing silhouettes (especially the Vera Wang) and am suddenly hankering for a kimono jacket….



Anna Sui | Oscar de la Renta | Tommy Hilfiger | Tory Burch

I’m going to be honest, I love matching pieces. I take pride in having a matching outfit – this autumn I walked around in a burgundy coat, burgundy and patent black pumps, with a patent black satchel (which matched the fastenings on the coat). I’m pretty lame but it makes me happy! I loved the matching items on the catwalks this season – especially Anna Sui’s peacock inspired outfit (with a matching bag and dress!)



Braids made a huge comeback (again). I love the half braid hairstyle – a great way to have an eye catching look whilst still maintaining long flowing locks! There was definitely a retro vibe in terms of hair, from the 50’s Pompadour to the 70’s perm – it’s all about looking back. I think this is as good a time as any to say experiment with different styles and have fun with it! I christen AW13 as the season of playing dress-up with hair and make-up.

Cara Delevingne

Cara doesn’t even need a four-set of pictures like everything else. She’s appeared a huge appearance in this post already! But I thought I needed to mention our favourite Brit-model because she was an integral element to NYFW – modelling in what was seemingly every show!

So these were my favourite highlights of NYFW. I hope you enjoyed it, feel enlightened and maybe even inspired.

As for London Fashion Week? I’ll be reporting from it myself!! I’m incredibly excited (and nervous)- it’s my first fashion week and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to see it all first hand. I’ve been waiting to post the news on here for a while!

I’ll keep you all posted!



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