I Put Some New Shoes On and Suddenly Everything is Right.

When you park atop a hill, nearly a mile’s walk away from town it’s probably not a great idea to be wearing heels. What was I wearing?

Needless to say, I had sore feet and ankles by the time I’d tottered down the high street, trying to avoid falling over (I fall over frequently without the help of heels). I made a beeline for New Look, as shoes were top of my shopping list. I was looking for something I could wear to London Fashion Week and the Miles Kane (NME Awards) concert this week. I had a lot of walking and boogying to do, but that wasn’t going to stop me from wearing a great pair of shoes.

After trying on what felt like 100 pairs, I settled on some black suede wedges. I tried on some killer studded stilettos and fell over trying to put them on my feet, in the middle of the shop. Awkward Bridget Jones/New Girl moment. I wore them out of the store and they felt like walking on a cloud, despite the heel. I never thought I’d say this, but wedges are a brilliant idea.


Oh, and they were reduced to £15 – I am claiming this as a bargain!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m perpetually on a quest for “The Perfect Lipstick”. Very rarely will something suit me – maybe it’s because I’m Caspar the Friendly Ghost style white? I went to MAC, thinking I’d splash out on a great colour – but there were so many I couldn’t choose and ended up skulking back to Boots. Here, I sauntered to my beloved, much trusted Rimmel counter and indulged in a 3-for-2 deal. I am claiming this as my second bargain.

I tested a ridiculous number of lipsticks on the back of my hand, still not entirely sure what would suit me. In the end I settled for Kate Moss Lasting Finish, in 101. I tried the lipstick on as soon as I got home and whilst I cannot guarantee it’s the perfect colour I’ve been searching for, I can tell you it’s beautifully soft with a great moisturising feel to it. The colour, a pale yet vibrant matte pink, didn’t smudge and smelt lovely!


I also purchased some gel eyeliner which I’ve been meaning to try this out for some time (I’ve very excited about creating a 60s eye with this tomorrow!) and a lovely pastel purple nail varnish to complete an outfit I’m planning – all will be revealed in good time…!

You may have also noticed the ribbon – yes I’ve added more to my collection! In lilac (for The Surprise Outfit) and some black velvet (Brigitte Bardot inspired). Ribbon costs next to nothing and is a great way to jazz up your hair. I am therefore labelling this “bargain three”.

And now, I’m eating pizza and watching Let’s Dance for Sports Relief. It’s been a good’un. Hope you all had great Saturdays!


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