Ode to Bardot.

Last night I went to bed deciding that today I would take inspiration from the legendary Sixties icon Brigitte Bardot. Amazingly, I woke up still remembering this pledge!

Starting with thick, smudged eyeliner, long lashes and nude lined lips, I bouffanted and tied back the top of my unbrushed hair and donned a floaty dress and leather jacket. Alas, I didn’t think to document the outfit – you’ll just have to take my word for it.

I did manage to grab a picture of the hair (unintentionally)- it’s somewhat deflated but you can see I’ve pulled the top section backwards and with the waves (not curled, just unbrushed morning hair – a real time saver there!) it stops my hair looking flat and dull. Ignore my stroppy facial expression (I was obviously incredibly happy to have a fashion show ticket in my hand!)- I actually took this picture to show my friend that my ticket was the same size as my head! My expressionless face looks like an angry mug-shot. Apologies!



Brigitte’s hair is definitely one of her best assets. Or at least, it’s my favourite! It’s a style I’ve somewhat adopted now. I’m unfortunately devoid of Brigitte’s thick blonde locks, but this style really helps beef up my frankly lank, flat hair, especially if I curl the ends first or sleep with my hair in a top-knot and don’t brush it the next morning (this type of neglect really shouldn’t be published in a style blog!). By taking the top layer of hair and pinning it back with bobby pins or a hair coloured band, one can create the illusion of thicker more voluminous hair – especially if you backcomb the top a little bit! Oh, and I do love to hair-accessorise with ribbon. I’m currently collecting the stuff by meters and I won’t be happy until I have every colour. I enjoy having trademarks – this is one of them.

I’ve looked up a few hair and make-up tutorials for BB but I’ve found most of them to be pretty appalling – the eye make-up ones especially are something to make a Drag Queen cringe.  Maybe one day I’ll get around to making one myself!


In terms of her sense of style, the key here is definitely simplicity – and it’s a pretty easy look to recreate. Plain shirts, jeans, capris, stripy tops and a trenchcoat. Done! Bardot is very feminine but doesn’t have to rely on dresses to get this across (although she did wear them – they tended to be fairly plain and simple).

So grab yourself hairspray, some ribbon, eyeliner, a striped top and there you go, Bardot!


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