What I’m Wearing: The Hipster Farmer Edition.

It’s Sunday morning and you are planning to do nothing but laze around the house. Sound familiar?

This  was my plan this morning, an occasion calling for a pair of dungarees! I teamed mine with the red polka dot shirt from my previous post and my Sugarhill Boutique jumper (a new favourite item and a new favourite store!) which made the perfect winter outfit for a vaguely sunny day.




Whilst pretending I was a farmer, a cat came to visit – as he does every weekend. I say he, but I don’t know this cat’s gender, name or homing status. The fact that he eats bird crumbs from the grass suggests he’s a stray – we felt so sorry for it we actually leave out cat food when we see him coming! He’s incredibly nervous of people and spent a year running away anytime he was approached. However, using my crazy cat lady powers, I soon become firm friends with him – he even rolls onto his back when I stroke him now. Clearly part-dog. Still, it’s a sign he trusts me and I’m hoping he’ll be less scared of humans now. Most of us are nice!

Fingers crossed Mohammed Ali (a nickname after I noticed he had a wonky jaw) finds a home soon if he is a stray. I’ll make sure to take care of him in the meantime!

The fun and adventures you can have on a Sunday afternoon in your dungarees!

IMG_5375The best bit about dungarees? A handy pouch for your lipstick!

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