My Very Honest Account of London Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week ended yesterday and we’re seeing the last few show reports drizzle in. There have been innumerable accounts of the shows, surely in their thousands by this point, but few talk about what London Fashion Week is really like.


And really, why should they? London Fashion Week is an exciting time dedicated to reporting on the styles of next season. Generally, it’s attended by fashion veterans who have attended more shows than I’ve attended shoe sales. They know what they’re doing, so to describe what that exactly is what be entirely pointless. Obviously there’s always going to be newbies and I’m sure you’ve all seen the “OMG, #LFW was AMAZE” statuses or tweets, and yes, as one of those Newbies, I can confirm London Fashion Week is a fantastic experience and I have been so incredibly lucky to experience it. I don’t want this to be my last LFW and really hope to attend the Spring Summer show in September! However, I want to make the point that it’s nowhere near as glitzy as it seems – unless you are a celebrity F-ROWer of course!

For example, when bloggers show off about how amazing the shows  are, they tend to forget to mention the queues (luckily not too bad in my case – although I can imagine some shows are packed!). You queue in the cold outside, and then once you’re inside, you queue again! The main downside for me was the heat inside the building (I don’t know why but I am just terrible in heat. I go bright red and feel lethargic and dizzy. Attractive!). I wasn’t alone – I spotted a few be-jumpered individuals fanning themselves with their programmes. It made me wish I’d grabbed a frozen yoghurt on the way in from the Snog crew (yes, that’s seriously the company name! It was a little alarming to hear “fancy a snog” from vendors!).

I found that most of my fellow bloggers, despite the large online presences they front, are pretty solitary individuals in reality. I genuinely stood in a queue for 20 minutes where no-one spoke – even though we all had so much in common! I was so full of nervous energy and felt poles apart from the calm expressionless faces around me! Fortunately I met one lovely and interesting blogger, Ashley, who writes at Pink Julep – she’s the nicest blogger I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet and has written some fantastic accounts of LFW!

It amazed me how similar some of the Fashion Week go-ers looked. I managed a quick recce around Somerset House and saw many, many girls dresses in coats, with top knots and killer heeled boots. There’s nothing wrong with any of these things (as long as its faux fur!) and they are all things I wear myself, but it surprised me to see so many people looking similar – especially when bloggers tend to pride themselves on being unique, right?

I saw a few LFW participants walking around in pairs and felt rather envious – I wish I had a blogger best friend to attend all these events with!

The shows themselves are pretty spectacular, I must admit – but at the time it’s hard to appreciate it. Bearing in mind this was my very first show so I’m far from a pro. I was focusing so hard on trying to get good pictures, trying to remember little phrases to describe what I was seeing that I barely saw the catwalk but through my camera! It’s exactly like when you photograph a fireworks show; you’re witnessing something spectacular but you only appreciate it looking back at the pictures.

It was a great day out and I’m thrilled to tell people I went! I hope I’ve given everyone a clearer idea of what going to a fashion show is actually like (and that I don’t sound like I’m complaining – I’m really not!). Maybe next time I could Vlog?

Next season I would give my right arm to see Orla Kiely’s show. After looking at pictures of her AW13 collection I am positively drooling and wish I could have seen it in person!


Images courtesy of Memoir Mode

White tights, Peter Pan collars, high waists, t-bar heels and a retro colour palette? The Orla Kiely AW13 collection is total perfection. It encapsulates everything I love!

I think this collection might provide the inspiration for my outfit tonight at the NME Awards – I’m beyond excited to see Miles Kane perform! He’s one of my favourite artists!



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