WHY: Why I Was at Fashion Week and Why I’m Currently Grinning…

I purposefully neglected to tell you the most important details of my trip to London Fashion Week, so a few of you may be wondering how I got this opportunity, why I went and so forth. As you may have ascertained from previous posts, I am a guest-blogger for The Glass Pineapple, a brilliant online marketplace for independent brands and up and coming designers. The site will be launching very soon so I’m excited to be part of this great project! As part of my role as a guest-blogger, I was given the opportunity to interview Fashion Scout Merit Award winner Hwan Heo of Heohwan Simulation (more on this later)! The PR team then gave me the opportunity to view his AW13 collection at LFW to report on it for TGP. I was over the moon.
The piece has already been published on TGP’s website here, but I’ve also copied it below! This evening I noticed Whitehair, the PR company, had uploaded a screenshot of the piece and uploaded it to their Facebook site, taking a quote from the piece as the caption. I can tell you now, I have never been quoted in my life. Let alone by a PR company on Facebook. I went from Over the Moon to Around the Galaxy and Back! So, here’s the piece, I hope you enjoy it! The interview will be featured in the March Editorial section, so keep a weather eye on the horizon!


‘Editorials in 68’ was the 4th Critique Collection from Hwan Heo, part of his decade long mission to examine and document various points throughout history. This season, the collection was inspired by political turbulence and fashion revolution in 1968 Paris. Hwan used magazines from this time period as inspiration for his pieces, combining them with images of the uprisings to create the print that adorned shirts and trousers.

There was a clear focus on outerwear and layering, and laser-cutting was evident throughout this clean cut, pleasingly minimal line. 1960s Pierre Cardin inspired cocoon silhouettes were modernised with velvet panelling and fur edging and the high neck ruled here – roll necks, funnel necks, tall collars – as on numerous other AW13 runways.

The oversized jackets, capes and wool coats were exhibited in a notably narrow colour palette, in black, stark white, grey and cobalt, perhaps reflecting the focus on print media images as the inspiration.  Accessories gave some complexity to the image – gravity defying shoes and strong, round sunglasses with an almost robotically futuristic vibe.

Although mixing politics and fashion can be a dangerous combination, Hwan pulled this off with pleasing integrity.  We’re already wondering which era he will turn to next…


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