Sugarhill Boutique

I’ve recently made one of the most detrimental discoveries for my bank balance. It goes by the name of Sugarhill Boutique and it stocks a selection of the most beautiful clothes I have ever seen, without the scary price tags – they even have a large sale selection full of beautiful clothes. I need more disposable income, ASAP!

I already own one item from them, a dark teal jumper I’ve worn in the infamous Hipster Farmer post, but I intend to be a returning customer… In an ideal world I would own it all.

They even want to make me try new things! For instance, I’m not a trouser kinda gal – in fact it’s rare to even see me in jeans (they go all funny around the knees and I never know how high up to wear them. I’ve been hiking up my current pair until I look like Simon Cowell, which is pretty unattractive). Seeing their floral “Pippa Peg” trousers has given me a change of heart though – you could team these with a host of different items to create new outfits, each with a totally new vibe. I’ll show you what I mean:


Denim shirt | Monki : wedge boots | Boohoo : Purple knit | french connection : brogues | clarks : camisole | toast : blazer | vero moda : Wedges | boohoo : crop tee | topshop : sneakers | converse

Imagine these totally accessorised. For £36, that’s not bad!
Would you wear these peg trousers?  Have you ever shopped at Sugarhill Boutique before? Let me know your thoughts!

I'd love to hear your opinion!

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