The Opportunity of a Lifetime from Dahlia


Between the title and the header above, I’m pretty sure you can guess what the content of this post will be!

This started this afternoon when one of my favourite brands Dahlia followed me on twitter, which frankly, was cause enough for excitement. I’ve been a fan of this brand for years – age 17 I’d be constantly searching their pieces on ASOS, waiting for sales so I could afford the great dresses! In hindsight, it may have been easier just get a part time job. Their vintage inspired pieces have always struck a chord with me, their beautiful quirkiness and quintessential Britishness greatly inspiring my own choice in clothes over the years. It’s probably the only brand that simultaneously let’s me feel like a vintage 1960s star and an edgy rock chick. This sounds impossible, but you’ll see what I mean!

For those of you who haven’t heard of Dahlia, let me show you a few of my favourite pieces from their Spring/Summer collection. I warn you, you will probably fall in love!


What do you think?

So, this competition is two pronged – normal visitors can like Dahlia on Facebook and comment on a Dahlia blog article to win 5 pieces from the collection, whereas bloggers can win the five pieces and a chance to design their own piece *jawdrop*. The winner is the person who traffics the most people to Dahlia. I know it’s insanely unlikely, as this is just a little blog – but as the prize is so fantasic, it’s something I thought ‘you know, it’s worth having a go’. So here it is. If you could click on one of my Dahlia links that would be amazing. If not, I hope you enjoyed this piece.


Thank you for taking the time to read this!


One thought on “The Opportunity of a Lifetime from Dahlia

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