Re-Decorating for £1.99

I want to share with you all a brilliant bargain: if you head over to Photobox and sign up, you get 60 free prints.  I took advantage of this fantastic deal earlier this week (and paid £1.99 for delivery, hence the title) the delivery was amazingly fast. I’m planning to white-tac them to my wall, thus essentially redecorating (it’s a very small room). It’s like a totally personalised feature wall! I laid the pictures across my bed to see how much room they took up – turns out, a lot


The pictures I chose were things that inspire me and make me smile. There’s several Audrey’s and Brigitte’s floating around (and Jean Shrimpton, Jane Birkin, Julie Christie). The Arctic Monkeys, The Last Shadow Puppets, The Beatles – my favourite bands – these guys always put a smile on my face. Similarly, I can’t help but slide into a cheesy grin every time I glimpse that shot of Heath Ledger from 10 Things I Hate About You (award for most contagious smile ever, please!). There’s my modern day idols such as Jameela Jamil, Daisy Lowe, Keira Knightley Elle Woods from Legally Blonde (don’t give me that look, she’s an inspiration), Drew Barrymore, Mila Kunis, several Alexa Chungs (it’s okay, I made sure not to put any next to Alex Turner – that’d be awkward), Zooey Deschanel, Louise Ebel and the Olsen twins. There’s also shots from some of my favourite movies – the ending scene of the graduate (in my opinion, the most iconic scene ever) and stills from (500) Days of Summer. Somewhere in there, there’s a picture of Sabrina and Harvey from Sabrina The Teenage Witch – in my opinion they are the best couple ever. There’s a couple of New York/Paris related pictures (a girl needs aspirations, right?). And finally, we have my favourite guys. The ones I drool over. Notably, Alex Turner, Aaron Johnson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt strolling down a beach looking all cool, I’ve already mentioned Heath (but one can never mention him too oft) and Orlando Bloom in a tux – because men in suits should happen more.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, I went for 6″ x 4.5″ Matt prints (they look much cooler than shiny!).

I’m pretty sure that covers everything! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to Tumblr to work out how to display these bad boys. Have a great evening!

P.S. If you could please click this link: Dahlia, it would give me a chance to win their Blogger competition. Thanks!

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