What I Wore: Beach Purrfect

A “What I Wore” post has been long over-due, so today I got up at the crack of dawn to drag my sleepy self down to the beach for a mini-shoot and breakfast at my favourite place, The Urban Reef in Boscombe.

After a small but nonetheless unruly shopping spree at the weekend, I was excited to don my River Island cat print skirt for the first time. My love for the feline kind is pretty well documented – cat adorned clothing is definitely no exception. Needless to say, it was freezing at the beach so I was glad I’d grabbed my big (faux) furry coat – even if the leopard print made me look even more like a crazy cat lady!


IMG_0012 (2)

IMG_0034 (2)



IMG_0132 (2)


Fur coat | new look : sweater | primark : cat skirt | river island : Wedges | new look : backpack | primark

Thanks to Dad for being my photographer!

But obviously, breakfast at Urban Reef was the real highlight of the morning. They serve the best Eggs Benedict this side of the Milky Way. If you’re ever around Bournemouth this is the place to go.

IMG_0105 (2) IMG_0106 (2)Delicious!

I hope you all had an equally good start to the week. I’ll be doing a post about my newly decorated room soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


5 thoughts on “What I Wore: Beach Purrfect

    • Haha! Thank you!! I spent a long long time in fringe-envy land – but they are super easy to maintain!
      I was considering doing a fringe post but then I thought “this may be a tad over indulgent”

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