Sun, Sand In My Shoes and eBay Bargains

Big thank you for those of you who commented and messaged me after I posted the Readers Choice post last night!

I’m trying to incorporate a bit of everything, so bear with me!

First of all, I woke to up to something strange and new – it was warm and sunny! I swiftly arranged a picnic in the park to make the most of the weather. After staring at my winter-based closet for 5 minutes I began to panic about what to wear. I’d said today would be the day to test-drive my new disco pants but the idea of black nylon on a hot day made me shudder. Luckily, saved by the bell, the Postie arrived with my 99p eBay bargain! This is definitely up there with my top Thrifts!

This particular bargain consisted of a vintage style pale pink playsuit with a heart print – it’s originally from Dahlia (I coveted this a while back – it’s so easy catching). I gambled as this was a size Small, but luckily it paid off and it fits perfectly!

Unfortunately I didn’t take any park pictures, so I’ve recreated the summer fun in my conservatory!






This pales next to yesterdays shoot; the conservatory is no match for the majesty of the beach! But hopefully you get a good idea as to what the playsuit looks like – I really enjoyed getting dolled up for Spring using my new mint nail polish (Mint Choc Chip,ย 17), fresh pink lip tint (Catwalk Plum, L’Oreal Secrets Lip Tint) and pink cheeks! Fingers crossed for more Spring-time days! The wedge heeled boots make this outfit a little more Winter-y perhaps, although they were full of sand from yesterdays shoot! I need to grab myself some cream brogues for this playsuit…

What do you think about eBay? Are you a fan of my 99p bargain?

I’m hoping to do a Myth Busters post tomorrow – the subject of which will be revealed verysoon…


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