Myth Busters: The Full Fringe

Let me start by saying I’m a great believer in the idea that everyone can pull off a full fringe. By tweaking elements such as length, thickness and bluntness, I think any face shape can wear them. I know so many girls who secretly want blunt bangs but are too scared to go for it – fearing a dire hair cut that they’re stuck with until it grows out. Sound familiar? I’m going to try and change your mind…

The Evidence


These ladies all look great. There’s long been a myth that only certain shapes can pull off “blunt bangs”. However, if we look at this picture we see that square faces, rounder faces, oval faces and heart shaped faces all look amazing – it’s just a matter of tweaking! Lily’s rounder face is complimented by the arching shape of the bang and the longer faces here look great with the “in the eyes” level fringe. I won’t bore you by listing anymore but point made, right?

If you can’t put your finger on your face shape, your hairdresser will be able to tailor your fringe to you! I think I have a heart-shaped face but I actually preferred to work out which bangs suited me best as I went along. This is why I love Toni & Guy. They offer free fringe trims after your initial haircut – which has given me the opportunity to experiment with length and style each time I get a trim. If you’re considering getting a fringe cut in, definitely go for somewhere that offers free trims. It’s such a good investment!


Another bang-worry is that you are stuck with the same hairstyle every day. That sounds pretty monotonous-  I mean what can you do with your bangs? The answer is: a lot.

Enter Nikki, with a greasy bonce and a head full of Myth Bustin’. These styles are great alternatives to the traditional bang, great for greasy hair days (that’d be me here…) and also good if you’re growing out your bangs (sacrilege!).

Things You Can Do With Blunt Bangs [Using Just Two Bobby-Pins]: 


[Quick explanation: a)+b) = braided bangs – give yourself a slight side part, take three strands of hair from the side of your bangs and braid, adding in more hair as you braid down. Secure with bobbypin. c) hippy hairband – either twist or braid the side of your hair next to your bangs, and pin across forehead – securing with a bobbypin by your ear and cover with hair. d) the quiff – pin backwards. The bigger the fringe the bigger the quiff. Boost with backcombing and hairspray. e) The full sweep – brush to the side. Spray with hairspray for extra hold. f). Retro pin – pin back fringe and twist when bobbypinning. This creates the retro twist effect!]

A lot of these styles don’t exactly “work” for me, because bangs are my thing (they hide my  fivehead) but they are great options for most people. They literally take a minute to create and there are so many styles to create! Oh and erm, sorry about the scary face – it was late at night.

Plus, There’s These Other Cool Things…


Top-knots, ponytails, Ombré, up-do’s, headbands and braids – there are so many great hairstyles on offer.

I hope this has inspired some of you to take the fringe plunge with the knowledge that you have as much versatility as any other style.

Let me know if this has changed your views on blunt bangs! And if you get bangs cut in… pictures!


2 thoughts on “Myth Busters: The Full Fringe

    • You could TOTALLY do the full fringe. (And should!)
      I completely understand the temptation – I spent ages looking at pictures of Zooey to get the nerve up for my first full fringe! =]

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