Spring is Sprung.

This week my great streak of blogging everyday was ruined by a lack of posts over the last couple of days. Boo!
I do have an excuse other than sheer laziness though – I’ve come down with a cold (mostly just a sore throat and losing my voice which is pretty annoying if you’re a compulsive chatter like me) which unfortunately means I’m not out there doing fun things and taking pretty pictures. I’m tucked up in my house hugging my teddy bear. This does not making for an exciting post, I assure you.
My other excuse is that I spent yesterday setting up a joint project with my 12 year old sister Kate. We both enjoy arts and crafts but definitely don’t do them as much as we’d like. What better way to encourage productivity than setting up a joint blog? We’ll be making cute crafts, creating clothes, baking treats and generally having a lot of fun (hopefully). I won’t divulge the link to the blog yet but it’ll be running in the next week!

In other news, we’re all lookier happier because Spring is almost Sprung. The sun has been shining, we’ve started to venture out without our coats and scarves and I’ve even been able to don my sunglasses. When I wear my cute retro sunnies I feel like I’m wearing rose tinted glasses. No one is grumpy when they wear sunglasses.

I’ve just realised that I’d forgot to mention something important in my life! I’ve given up chocolate for Lent! I’m not participating in Lent for any religious reason, but rather in a quest of wills. I’m a terrible terrible chocoholic. It’s probably better to keep how much chocolate I’d eat a day to myself for it’d shock you all. In fact, my Lent epiphany came from a bout of over eating and I said “maybe I should just give up chocolate for Lent” which was met with a series of guffaws, stunned disbelief and the outright opinion “you can’t”. Well, I am more than 3 weeks in and I haven’t touched a morsel of chocolate! I’m feeling pretty strong and powerful now – I had more willpower than I thought! Surprisingly, I haven’t been craving it at all! Although I did come to realise that everything sweet-related I ate was chocolate. All the biscuits and cookies I like contain chocolate, my favourite icecream is chocolate and I only liked chocolate cake. Awkward. I’ve pretty much been living off vanilla icecream, vanilla cheesecake and French Fancies for pudding now. And no, not all at once. I’m getting a little bored of vanilla now! But there’s only three weeks and one day left!


Has anyone else given up chocolate or another much-loved vice for Lent? How’s it going?

To make up for the lack of pictures recently, I thought I’d do a little compilation of pictures I’ve taken this month which haven’t made it onto the blog.

collage1. My Anchor necklace my friend Ellie got me for Valentines Day! 
2. Fake flowers to brighten up my room 
3. The Vintage shop in Winton 
4. Sweets in American Fizz 
5. Sunglasses! 
6. My glittery nails after my manicure with Becky 
7. Me and My Sister, mid bus trip 
8. Poole Park on a sunny day 
9. Evie photo-bombing me whilst I'm on the massage bed. 

That’s quite enough blogging for me today. I’d get back to bed but Evie stole it. *sigh*



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