What I Wore: Sister Vintage Customised Levi Shorts

I was really excited to receive my customised Levi shorts from Sister Vintage yesterday! I’m in love with them! I didn’t have a particular design in mind  – I just asked for silver star studs on one side and chose a medium blue denim. They are perfect.

I’d have loved to have done a proper shoot for these, but I can’t find my tripod – so for now we’ll have to do with these close up shots!
shorts1 shorts2 shorts3 shorts4

I’m really loving how comfy they are – I’ve been guilty in the past of finding the “perfect pair” of shorts on eBay and buying them without much regard for size. The result? They look fine when you stand but as soon as you sit you are cut in half. In fact, I spent half the time engaged in a battle between pulling them up to a more comfortable waist height, and pulling them down to cover my arse. Not glamorous. At all.

The beauty of customised shorts is that they are totally unique to you. The knowledge that I will never encounter an individual wearing the same thing as me is infinitely attractive. Plus, I even measured my waist to get the perfect fit! Now I can sit down in beautiful shorts with a complete sense of comfort  and well-being. These beautiful shorts only cost £25 and they still have a few for sale if you’re at all tempted (you can view them here).

Even the packaging was cute!


A huge thank you to Sister Vintage and their customisation skills – I cannot wait for a sunny day to take these to the seafront!


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