The Fear.

I would very much like to talk to you about an issue close to my heart.

And that is the issue of fear.

Today I actually faced one of my fears and what better time to talk to you all about it then immediately after, with one cheek full of dental anesthesia.
I’m not entirely sure which fear I faced today, I think there may have been several. I am a big wuss  when it comes to anything medical. I don’t like waiting rooms (frankly, I don’t like waiting for anything, the idea of a room dedicated to it is mind boggling). I hate injections. I am not thrilled about any form of medical procedure (no one likes it of course, but somehow I dedicate a good portion of my life to worrying about it).

So the news I was having a filling wasn’t great…

A lovely President man called Franklin D Roosevelt said “there is nothing to fear but fear itself” and that is definitely true (okay, I first heard this quote of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but don’t let that detract from my point). The issue for me if never really the thing I’m “scared” of. An injection probably isn’t the funnest thing, but it doesn’t last long.Ditto any procedure, plus it’s to make you better.  The worst bit is by far, the waiting and worrying. And the latter is something I could well take up as Olympic sport.

In fairness to me, the day wasn’t skewed in my favour. I was incredibly nervous. I couldn’t choose what to wear. I had to walk up a giant flight of stairs (in the outdoors!?) to get there (it was like that scene in Kill Bill 2). My legs turned to lead. This created an unfortunate walk. Once I forced myself into the waiting room, my fellow inmates took the opportunity to discuss their “Phobic Relatives” who needed to be “put under” every time they visited the dentist. If I lived in a Sit-Com I would have turned around and yelled “OH COME ON!”. My phone and magazine didn’t make me feel better, so I turned to doodling. Which worked a treat.


Obviously not great doodling, but it distracted me nicely.

[Feel free to skip this over this next section if you’ve had a filling before]

Unsurprisingly, once I was in the dentist chair, it was okay. He jumped straight into the “we’re going to give you an injection now” to which I replied “eurgh, yeah, really needle phobic”. He responded, in a manner only a German medical professional could, “Ah. I think you will be fine”. To his credit, he was right. I couldn’t really feel the injection, which surprised me. Afterwards it made the left side of my mouth feel really warm. Even that side of my tongue. That was pretty weird. Then he started drilling (although frankly, you have no idea what they’re doing. You’re staring at the ceiling and all you can hear is whirring noises – it’s probably a lot better this way!). Where I assume it would hurt from the drilling (if you hadn’t been anesthetised) it instead feels sort of cold. It’s not exactly pleasant but it isn’t painful.

I was out in 5 minutes. There wasn’t pain, just feeling temperature sensations. So if anyone is as panicky as me, I hope they give this a read!

So what have I learnt? I was in a tonne more discomfort beforehand with all my worrying than in the chair.  We’re all scared of something, right? But it’s the worrying that is the bad thing, not the thing itself. If we can challenge our fears, then we are in a better place. How to not worry is another issue, but we can work on it together.

Now if you’ll excuse me, me and my lopsided face are off to have lunch because I’m finally allowed to eat!


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