What I Wore: The Bowler Hat is Back.

Hello Ribbon Readers!

Today I fancied donning my Disco Pants (Missguided, £9.99 – good deal eh?) so I threw on an old Beatles vest top I found at the back of my drawer, this 99p eBay bargain Dahlia blazer and my bowler hat. Yes, it’s back! outfittoday19march

I love getting to wear my hat. A bowler is definitely one of those things you buy but often chicken out of wearing. Ditto faux fur coats (I’ve overcome that one), crop tops and statement print leggings. So, a massive well done if you wore something out of your comfort zone today! If you didn’t, there’s always tomorrow! I don’t normally dress in so much black, nor do I dress quite this grungy/muso. But hey, I like playing dress up! db578daa909811e2b1b722000a1d0aba_6I meandered into town today for a fringe trim (consult the above and below pictures as a sort of “before and after”, if you will) which is one of my favourite activities. I managed to resist shopping – mostly… I only bought a skirt. And it was from Primark. So that’s barely shopping if you ask me.
0235f33490b811e2bb4e22000aaa0771_6Although, at lunch-time, I accompanied Mum shopping to help her pick some new office clothes (let’s all say a big congrats on the new job!) and I may have bought a skirt then as well. But I had no skirts before (well, only three) so it’s perfectly acceptable. And I only spent a total of £14. So shh.


I’m working all day tomorrow, so I’ll wear one of these beauties to the office. I’ll hopefully remember to take an OOTD!

Good night everyone! I’m going to settle down with cheesecake and The Graduate! xxx

9 thoughts on “What I Wore: The Bowler Hat is Back.

    • This one is from H&M, I got it last summer so I’m not sure if they still sell them! I did see a nice bowler hat in Topshop on Saturday though! =] I’d also recommend scoping eBay! Hope this helped! xxx

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