The Bournemouth Vintage Fair

I’ve had today marked on the calendar for several weeks. Why? It’s the Bournemouth Vintage Fair! When I lived in Southampton, Vintage Fairs were pretty commonplace, but here? This is the first time I’ve seen one. I hope this is a sign they’re becoming more popular!

To set the scene, the fair was held in the Pavillion theatre, by the lovely Bournemouth seaside. I always enjoy going to Bournemouth, I consider myself incredibly lucky to live by the sea. The building itself was a highly appropriate location, with 1920s Art Deco architecture and decor. The stalls were set up in the ballroom, a place you could imagine dances being held in decades gone by. Is it just me or does an evening ball sound a lot more appealing than spending the early morning hours in an overcrowded sweaty club?

I didn’t have the DSLR with me as it’s the weekend but I took quite a few snaps on my phone, a few of which I’ll share here!

jewelery view

clothes1 stuff stuff2 stuff3

This doesn’t even cover half of the fabulous things the Vintage Fair had to offer – from the rails of dresses – ranging from 1940s to 1980s, tonnes of retro sunglasses, the mass of fur coats, the rails of customised levis and rows of jewellery it was genuinely a heaven to behold.

Did I buy anything? I’m going to be honest – I am in a “too much month left at the end of the money” broke situation.  But I thought it was still worth going, even just for the blog post and inspiration!

Besides, I really enjoyed having the excuse to go a bit vintage.


I wanted to channel a Brigitte Bardot vibe (no change there) and took inspiration from a Bardot picture that’s on my amazing wall collage. I created a half up do and secured it with a thick black ribbon to match my velvet dress.


It’s a super easy look too – simply sweep back the top layer of your hair (backcombing a little helps create the voluminous look Brigitte sports), secure with a hairband! You can also add a ribbon, bow or whatever. Make-up wise, the eyes are the other main feature of all Sixties inspired looks and I simply added a generous line of Rimmel’s Gel Eyeliner to achieve mine.

I hope you all had great weekends and I’ll see you tomorrow for another post!

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