The Hair Ribbon


Most of you are probably wondering about the inspiration behind the title She Wore Ribbon. Naming blogs is something I find really difficult, so I spent a few days obsessing about finding the perfect title. I wanted this blog to encompass so much, a descriptive title became impossible. A vintage vibe was definitely needed, something stylish and chic. Something happy. Whimsical? If a phrase exists to sum this all up, I certainly don’t know it.

Eventually I decided to name it after one of my idiosyncrasies. After mentally scrolling through a long list of “Nikki-isms”, I selected my dedication to ribbon wearing. I’m not a cartoon character, I don’t wear a ribbon every day, but I definitely sport a ribbon-bow a few times a week.

It surprises me this went out of fashion about 50 years ago and never really came back. I mean, I see the odd ribbon on a celebrity, or on Pinterest or Tumblr, but they are few and far between.

I declare a ribbon revolution, you can pop into your local craft shop, department store or haberdashery (any excuse to say haberdashery) and pick up a meter of ribbon for about 40p. It’s the most cost effective accessory there is. Recession chic, right?

The Celebrity Ribboneers


(Bella Thorne, Clemence Poesy, Pixie Lott, Kelly Osbourne)

Tumblr and Pinterest


And let’s not forget, the Ribbon Queen herself, Ms. Bardot…


I’ve actually started a ribbon/bow board on Pinterest here, check it out for inspiration!

As you can see, a 40p piece of ribbon can go a long way. I think they’re uber cute and stylish. What do you think? If you’re convinced by the ribbon, tweet a picture to me @nikki_mcmullen, or post a link in the comment box below!


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