The Perfect Transition

My Dear British Readers,

With the UK weather failing to conform to seasons (I’m pretty sure it should be warmer than 2 degrees at the end of March), it’s the perfect time to practice transitional dressing.

This Spring will surely be bringing us a mix of temperatures, from cold winter-y mornings to sunny afternoons. We need something that can take us from one to the other without a complete change of outfit.

The key? I believe it is the Bomber and Biker Jackets.

bomberjacket thebiker

Bomber and Biker jackets are both medium weight, which makes them warm enough to wear when it’s pretty chilly but also light enough to wear to on an otherwise warm day (but somehow there’s always a cold wind that means we want a jacket) .

The key to British weather is the following:
a) The medium weight jacket – It does it all.
b) Tights – it’s almost never too warm for tights and they afford us the beauty of wearing skirts and dresses without exposing our legs to the Arctic freeze!
c) The heeled boot – Easy, they stop our feet getting wet in the countless puddles. Next?
d) The hat – I genuinely think the British excel with hats. From the bowler, to the fedora to the beanie, they look good and keep out the chill!

We have the perfect opportunity to practice transitional layering, so let’s quit moaning and start layering! (Unless it’s snowing where you live, in which case grab a wool coat, a scarf, ย and some wellies please!)

Which do you prefer? The biker or the bomber? Comment below!

Have a good day guys!

I'd love to hear your opinion!

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