Be Good, it’s Friday.

Friday is here and you know what that means? It’s Easter Weekend ahead and there’s just ONE more day to go of my banishment from chocolate!

To get into the Easter spirit, my sister and I created little Easter Bunnies. Traditionally we put them out on Saturday night and by Sunday morning they are full of mini eggs. It’s a bit like the Easter version of the Tooth Fairy.



It was a pretty fun way to spend the afternoon with my sister (not that it takes more than 10-20 minutes to make one of these). They are super easy to make – especially if you have a kitchen/toilet roll rube to hand (in my case I just folded over some coloured card).  Then all you have to do is decorate! Ears, a fluffy tail, a cute face. Just don’t forget to tape up the bottom or the mini eggs will fall out!

I’m really hoping to do some baking on Sunday morning (when I can finally eat chocolate again!). I saw some really cute Easter based baking ideas…


And check out this genius idea for a cupcake holder! (And a good way to recycle your old egg boxes).


So here is my Easter Inspiration, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and feel a crafty inclination to make some baked goods or bunnies, or both. My sister and I are now embarking on our second craft project of the day – so there may be another DIY post in an hour!

Can ye’ tell what it is yet?



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