Happy Chocolate Day!

Happy Easter everyone. Did you have a nice day? It’s the weekend so I’m subjecting you all to an iPhone picture/Instagram documentation of my day. Sorry!


I woke up to my little Easter Bunny full of Mini Eggs. Yum! I took this photo having just woken up – no make up and terrible hair. Go easy on me guys.
The knowledge that I could eat chocolate again was something of a relief and many friends expected me to go on a chocolate fuelled frenzy. The truth is, several mini eggs in and I started to feel full! Shameful! I’m currently writing this at 9pm and I’ve had quite a bit more chocolate since… oops.


To celebrate the beautiful sunny morning, I opted for a nautical themed outfit today. As you can see, I wore a lightweight striped skirt and a navy jumper, with a cute scalloped collar poking out. I can’t forget to wear ribbon on a special occasion like this, so I tied a navy ribbon around my fishtail braid.
It was half way through the day when I realised I was dressed head-to-toe in Primark. I’m not proud.


My family usually spends Easter at my grandparents’ house and today was no exception. The highlights of the day are always the great food, the Easter Egg hunt,spending time with my cousins and Nan’s hilarious comments (my favourite today was, regarding Tesco supermarkets, “We don’t say the ‘T’ word in this house!”). Oh, Nan…


Good Food. That’s all I’m sayin’.

IMG_6253The Easter Eggs were all hidden here. It’s a bit like a game of Where’s Wally?. And where were mine? In a bin (thanks Grandad, second year running…) and in a bush.


Ultimately the fun proved a little too much for some people. Consider this revenge for “binning” my Easter Egg.

After today I have a rather substantial collection of chocolate:

5 Easter Eggs
A packet of Minstrels 
A bunny full of Mini Eggs

Lucky me, that will last for some time! I hope you all had fantastic days! Enjoy, but try not to induce sugar comas! Love to you all.


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