Happy April.

Hi there. Did everybody have a good Easter?

Today I woke up and it was sunny, which was a lovely surprise! I didn’t get any pictures today as it’s been a bit of a lazy one, although I got one shot of the sunset leaving Tesco today. It’s not a great picture as I took it quickly whilst walking but the colours are beautiful.


I finally got around to checking out the music of Kimbra today, who I guess is largely known as “that girl who sang on that Gotye song”. She’s really good.

Admittedly, I’m more of an Indie-Rock girl and I wouldn’t have imagined myself loving this electronic song based upon samplers and loops, but I was really taken away with how she built up the song just using her voice. This is serious talent. It’s also worth mentioning her great hair and dress sense. Just puttin’ it out there.

To celebrate the sun finally making an appearance I’ve started creating a summer playlist. I am a playlist fan and love the idea of creating set playlists I can look back on and remind myself of the good times. Like a scrapbook for the ears I guess? I’m 4 songs in – a long way to go!

I’m hoping to do a couple of things this week, including making my first skirt and getting an OOTD shoot done!


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