My First Skirt.

I’m currently feeling pretty impressed with myself because this evening I made a skirt. My first textiles project! I’m far from a pro at anything like this, so I’m pleasantly surprised it turned out so well. Not that I can claim all the credit – the sewing machine is my sister’s and the condition of me using it is that she has to do the sewing herself – so all I had to do was measure and cut the pattern and pin it!

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If you’re wondering how to make this skirt, the pattern is here. It’s super easy to follow and all you need is a measuring tape, half a yard of fabric, a safety pin, elastic and pins. Oh and a sewing machine is pretty useful too. It took about 20-30 minutes, depending on how quickly you work. Easy.

My piece is slightly inspired by Felder Felder’s SS13 collection as I fell in love with their high waisted floaty skirts.  These icy blue Sumer must-haves even featured what appeared to be animal print like mine (but Felder Felder actually used a pattern of butterfly’s wings – God these guys are so cool). My skirt is actually a velvet sort of material, whereas theirs is sheer but I like to think there’s a slight resemblance. No?


My sister Kate, on the other hand, has gone for a very futuristic Sci-Fi style skirt. This wasn’t intentional – she was just using up some old material. When I saw the electric blue shiny material I wasn’t convinced, but since seeing the pictures of her modelling it and viewing it from a catwalk perspective, I actually think it’s pretty cool!

So that’s been my evening – you can’t say I haven’t been productive!


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