SS13 Metallic Trend: Springtime Shine.

Last September the SS13 shows attracted a flock of fashion magpies as the catwalks were transformed into a shimmering sea of Springtime shine. Although metallic is no stranger to the runway, for this season designers applied an attention seeking twist to this classic trend. Rather than gold, silver and pewter shades, we saw metallic fabrics take on a rainbow of colours; from light and ethereal to bright and loud. This was the season of the translucent twinkle, as designers brought us a glitzy collection of foil fabrics, iridescent shine and holographic finishes.

Burberry Prorsum dazzled us with a futuristic display, which placed them firmly at the forefront of the metallic trend. Hi-tech shine provided a techno spin on the classic silhouettes of the collection, creating a glamorous and sophisticated style. Amongst the looks were a selection of pastel shaded dresses with an iridescent sheen of metallic woven fabric; updated with plastic capes in complimentary shades like sherbet orange with bubblegum pink. We also saw classic Burberry shapes such as the pencil skirt reworked in shiny metallic foil-esque fabric. The collection ended in the fireworks of a rainbow parade of Quality Street-wrapper hued trench coats, in pink, blue and purple metallics.

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Jonathan Saunders’ disco and shine inspired collection was simple yet vibrant. It was difficult to look away from the glitz and sheen of this collection; from the holographic finishes to metallic fabrics and sequin-spangled cocktail dresses. Saunders utilised an oily metallic finish for many of his pieces, which adorned everything from secretarial pencil skirts to casual bomber jackets. This holographic print was also splashed across dresses and crop tops in the form of horizontal stripes, creating a bold and exciting twist on classic wardrobe staples.

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Aquilano.Rimondi’s exuberant Harlequin inspired collection was bright, fun and youthful. Championing a firm contrast to the minimalist trends we’ve seen this season, the playful range featured eye-catching geometric prints, jewel hued colour blocking and iridescent panelling. Vivid, shimmering tones were perfectly completed by a range of exaggerated silhouettes, which included high-waisted puffball skirts and peplum dresses.

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Continuing the springtime shine trend, Diane Von Furstenberg presented a sleek and glamorous 1970s inspired collection. Echoing the spirited and exotic vibe of the era, Furstenberg deployed a delicious summer palette of coral, aqua, cherry-red and lime to colour her decidedly fluid, loose and flowing silhouettes. The shiny metallic panelling and fabrics added a glossy luxe feel to the collection, most notably with a pair of fuchsia high-waisted shorts and shiny aquamarine jogging style trousers, paired with a sequin spangled vest.

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Avant-garde newcomer Serena Gili wowed audiences with a theatrical collection inspired by discipline and religion, with highly structured designs in heavy-duty materials. The metallic trend was difficult to miss with large bell shaped skirts in a matte sheen, teamed with bib style tops knitted with metallic gold threading.

Fellow up and coming designer Craig Lawrence presented a radiantly shining collection, with a firm focus on texture. Inspired by phosphorescent plankton, Lawrence used novel materials such as fishing lines and optic fibres to create this shimmering under the sea look. The pale colour palette and long flowing fabrics created a truly ethereal look, mixing iridescent shimmering tendrils and delicate anemone tentacle detailing.

ย (Images Courtesy of and

The Springtime shine trend represented a twist on the typical adventures in metallics that we’ve previously seen on the catwalk. This season the bright and bold colours and high shine texture take centre stage, as our favourite pieces get an exciting high shine metallic-makeover.

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