Seeing Starz


This weekend was spent celebrating Mum’s birthday – there were presents, cookies, cakes, family visits and, most crucially to this post, a trip to Starz in Charminster for breakfast!


Starz is a contemporary Hollywood movie themed joint in student populated Charminster. I imagine it’d be a pretty cool hangout in the evening with their star studded (in more ways than one) ceiling and classic American cuisine. Foot long hot dog anyone?

For someone who is used to breakfast out at Wetherspoons or maybe a beach cafe, dining under twinkling lights and Robert De Niro’s face was honestly something of a surrealist experience.


But I liked it. Who needs ‘usual’ or ‘normal’?

Between us we ordered Eggs Benedict, American Pancakes & Bacon and the fun to say “Huevos Rancheros”.

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(Being notoriously unadventurous I opted for the Eggs Benedict, I don’t think I could handle spice at breakfast!)

To save myself waxing lyrical, I’ll keep this short (I don’t want to accidentally write a review). The food was great – amazing presentation and fantastic taste. The price was pretty good – I’ve only ever had Eggs Benedict at the Urban Reef and this place is a little cheaper. The service was also great – a well oiled machine of young waitresses made sure we were never waiting long for anything. I am definitely not a fan of waiting!


Look how CUTE this is. The bill came with Magic Stars! I love free chocolate.

This place definitely put a smile on my face and Mum definitely had a great birthday breakfast. 5 Starz!


So, a big Happy Birthday to my Mum, who has always been so supportive of my endeavors – especially blogging! She never stops working hard to look after us – as I type this, she’s cooking a delicious dinner (on her Birthday!). Thank you so much Mum, I hope the rest of the year is this fantastic, you deserve it!

Oh and this weekend I made cookies for the family visitors – Kate was the first to start demolishing them. I thought you guys would all enjoy this candid shot.


I hope you all had really good weekends! Speak soon!


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