Being a Modern Day Audrey

“Yeah, okay. We get it. You like Audrey Hepburn”

I’m sorry for what is probably the millionth Hepburn related post here, but I wanted to share with you this little Polyvore collection I created a while back. It’s based on being a modern day Audrey and thanks to her iconic sense of style, the pieces are beautifully classic and versatile.

Because being an Audrey is actually super easy: she loved flats, especially ballet flats; black was her signature colour; she always chose sophistication and she never went wrong in a belted mac.


It’s all about choosing classic clothes with a fun flair and keeping it simple. For a real Roman Holiday vibe, grab yourself a well fitted blouse and a high waisted skirt. If you’re feeling a little more glam, simply team an LBD with kitten heels – and don’t forget the oversized sunglasses! For a girl on the go, a pair of cute shorts and a thin sweater is perfect – especially with a pair of ballet flats.

I’m definitely guilty of over thinking my outfits and over complicating things, but tomorrow when we get dressed, let’s channel our inner- Audrey and keep it simple and chic!

2 thoughts on “Being a Modern Day Audrey

  1. I Love Audrey – she is such an inspiration and as you rightly identified always opted (and successfully pulled of sophistication!) I love the combinations and advice you have given for recreating her look! xx

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