Retro Swimwear

If you’re a fellow Briton, you’ll understand the roller coaster ride that is our weather pattern. It almost makes it impossible to get dressed in the morning. What starts as a cold grey morning that requires a leather jacket, jumper and jeans can soon turn into a balmy afternoon that will have you desperately shedding layers and donning sunglasses, wishing that you’d worn a dress.

In the spirit of our bipolar weather, I’m going to do a little piece on swimwear. It’s only a matter of time before it’s ludicrously warm and we’re outside licking icecream cones, sipping Pimms and trying to tan (unless you’re Caspar the Ghost white like me!).

I’m a huge fan of retro inspired swimwear, especially bikinis. There’s a gorgeous selection of retro bikinis and swimsuits on ForLuna, but at £60 each, they’re rather pricey (although I do love the pinky-red polka dot bikini).


These are a few of my favourite beachwear inspirations! I’ve also included a few modern-day equivalents below! How cute are those polkadot cat-eye sunglasses?retroswimwear

Are you a vintage swimwear gal or are you partial to a more modern style? Have you bought your summer bikini yet? Admittedly, I’m struggling with this task!

And on the subject of retro, I’m going back to the 1920s tonight to see the (hopefully) amazing The Great Gatsby!

Have a lovely evening!


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