Cristina Sabaiduc Interview: Part 1

Last month I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview (via email) one of my favourite designers for The Glass Pineapple. Cristina Sabaiduc is a real rising star, so if you haven’t heard of her yet, keep a watch – I’m sure she’s destined to become a huge name.

Cristina Sabaiduc is now in her fourth season, having debuted a captivating AW13 collection at London Fashion Week. Referencing themes of concealment and the unseen, this collection draws inspiration from the interiors of citrine geodes and the slow formation of crystals. This season marks a second collaboration with photographer Jo Holland, who has been instrumental in translating Cristina’s geological inspirations into the exquisite digital prints of the collection. Continuing her subtle exploration of the coexistence between industrial and organic elements in the environment, Cristina employs an understated colour palette featuring muted jewel tones interspersed with rich earthy colours to symbolise the magnificence of our natural surroundings.

Technical fabrics developed by Swiss brand Schoeller are used as a reference to the industrial world, cleverly contrasted with natural fabrics such as silks and wool. This innovation is set in the context of a variety of traditional shapes, from chic and feminine nipped waist shift dresses, evocative of the 1950s era, to wide legged trousers and flowing tunics, reminiscent of the 1970s. This signature mix of contemporary digital prints, innovative textiles and classic silhouettes give this collection a conceptual, universal and wearable feel.

What were your main sources of inspiration for your AW13 collection? 

The idea of waiting for the beauty that is created in nature over hundreds or thousands of years, through gradual processes and often in hidden places. The print developed from one of these beauties, a cross cut of a citrine geode.


Cristina Sabaiduc AW13

You’ve collaborated with Jo Holland for your last two collections – how did it come about and what’s the partnership like?  Are you planning a third collaboration?  

We met while I was looking for a studio just over a year ago; we instantly connected and both thought about collaborating.  By surprise, our materials came together in our studio to produce the subject for our first collaboration, crystallized feathers for SS13. We speak in a similar visual language and crossing our mediums and disciplines is extremely exciting, as is our potential next project for SS14, stay tuned.

Describe your label for us in 5 words:  

Feminine, open, innovative, tactile, versatile

Which celebrity would you most love to see wearing your designs? Who is the Cristina Sabaiduc woman? 

Tilda Swinton. The Cristina Sabaiduc woman has an aura about her, a way of putting things together and a presence that is natural and relaxed, yet versatile and poised.

What has been the highlight of your career been thus far? 

This question pops up a lot, and I like to think my biggest achievement is being here in the now, happy with the choices I’ve made thus far and living in the present. I try to not rely on past-achieved goals or possible future successes. A highlight can be as simple as the look in a client’s eyes when I know they feel transformed looking in the mirror in one of my pieces.

What’s next for you?

Exploring multi-media presentations and gaining momentum with a few intriguing collaborations for SS14. We’re really excited for the next six to eight months.

Where would you like your label to be in 5 years time? 

Growing sustainably into a prospering womenswear and accessories brand, being worn globally by women that care for and love the story they enter when they put on one of my pieces.

This is part one of a two part interview, so keep an eye on The Glass Pineapple‘s Editorial section for the next installment!


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